Forum Thread: Did you do anything new for THanksgiving this year?

Doug and I made a fabulous bread pudding.  What did you do this year?

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Bread pudding's always good!

This year, we opted for crashing someone else's Thanksgiving (okay, not crashing... we were invited).  So, we didn't have to cook the whole dinner.  But expecting the usual feast, we decided to make some holiday-ish brussel sprouts.

We cooked the brussel sprouts (halved) in boiling water for about five minutes, then dropped them in ice-cold water, whilst starting to brown some chopped prosciutto in olive oil for about three minutes.  Then, we added some fresh rosemary to the meat.  After a couple minutes, we threw the brussel sprouts in and cooked until just right (about five minutes), adding salt, pepper and some pine nuts.

It was really simple, but really delish.  Will make again in the future soon!

Got the recipe here, but modified some amounts slightly (for personal taste) and substituted the pancetta for prosciutto.

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