Forum Thread: What's Your Favorite Burger?

I had a Cheese Burger with Guacamole at work tonight.  It's messy but I love the Guacamole on my burger.  What's your favorite Burger Topping?

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The best burger I've ever had was from Father's Office in Santa Monica, CA. They put arugula, gruyere, blue cheese, liquid smoke, applewood bacon, and caramelized onions on it. It's rich & smoky with a touch of sweetness. I haven't found anything that beats it yet.

Here's what it looks like:

Holy Smokies!  That looks fabulous!

I love The Counter, a California chain that lets you make your own burger. I like the freedom, and the sweet potato fries are to die for! 


I don't know about toppings, though I like mayonnaise on them. My favorite burgers are buffalo burgers. That's buffalo meat, not just a brand name. The meat is light and doesn't leave any bloated feeling.

Right you are.  Buffalo is a great meat.  Flavorful and lower in fat that chicken breast according to my research.  There is a restaurant near my house that has a buffalo steak on the menu and I have it often.

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