News: Bubbles and Squeaks Awesome Leftover Usage

Bubbles and Squeaks  Awesome Leftover Usage

I saw this on the Food Network and tried it out.  We loved it.  It is a great way to use leftovers and with Thanksgiving coming up, I know you'll want to try it on Thanksgiving evening while watching football.  I think it was Jamie Oliver who presented it although I couldn't find it on the website.  It was described as a common thing done in the UK as the evening meal after a Sunday lunch.  It is great with leftover turkey, dressing, and potatoes and gravy.


Take the left over turkey and break or chop it up into small bite sized pieces.

Take some of the left over dressing and potatoes and mix together with the meat to make a nice evenly distributed material.

Make this mixture into patties.  I make them about 1/3 pound or so.  Fairly large but not too thick.  We want these to cook through quickly.

Heat some oil in a skillet to medium high. 

Once the pan is hot, place the patties in the oil and brown nice and crisp on both sides.  This gives it a nice bite texture in the mouth and is enough to heat the meat all the way through. 

Heat up some gravy and plate the patty with some gravy as desired.  It's a one plate meal.

You might also do this with pot roast and potatoes or chicken and potatoes.

My daughter Miranda's favorite meal is Turkey and dressing so I make this for her.  While she was in school, I would sometimes makeup a bunch of these and freeze them for her.  I would take them to her and give her several packs of Turkey Gravy mix to go with.  She could then have one of her favorite meals in just a few minutes.  I like to think she knew her Daddy loved her too.

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